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Baoding police in January more than 45 tons of explosives seized

Date: 2013-07-16

China news agency, Baoding, July 16 (Lv Zaihao and Wang Chunhui) - Baoding, Hebei Province Public Security Bureau on the 16th revealed that since June, the city's public security authorities destroyed more than successive illegal manufacture, sale, transportation, storage of explosives large criminal gangs , 45.28 tons of explosives were seized, all kinds of explosives and arrested 49 suspects, uncovered 25 cases involving explosives cases.

According to reports, in order to effectively combat illegal trafficking, possession, transport, use of explosives and illegal mining and other illegal and criminal activities to protect life and property safety of the masses, since June this year, Baoding Public Security Bureau in the city carried out within a period of four months of combat crimes involving explosives and special operations class, worked in Lixian County, Fuping, Quyang, the city is destroyed illicit production of explosives and other counties, the sale of explosives, storage of explosives, transportation of explosives and other criminal gangs more than a total of explosives seized 45.28 tons of raw materials and bulk manufacture of explosives, various types of explosives and arrested 49 suspects, uncovered 25 cases involving explosives cases and arrested eight fugitives explosives.

Baoding Public Security Bureau said that it will once again launch a month explosives safety hazards big investigation unified action, and in the Council set up 500,000 yuan, urban counties set up less than 20 million reward fund to the masses to provide clues uncovered explosives cases, destroyed explosives dens, the public security organs will be based on circumstances of the case, to give Report masses 1000-50000 yuan reward.