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Paul University in Baoding play advantage to build provincial "Zhongguancun"

Date: 2013-08-08

Tenth Party Congress put forward six focused on creating innovation-driven technological environment. Science and technology are primary productive forces, science and technology leading, innovation-driven return to the province's first phalanx of Baoding, Beijing and Tianjin areas to build new growth pole of the most fundamental development of the most critical force. Remodeling Market dignity, another glorious history is every person's dream of Baoding. In building a moderately prosperous society of a new journey, a university without intellectual support and protection in strong boost.

Cooperative tends active

Paul University in Baoding Working Group on Coordination Office (referred College Office) Director Liu Jing said that in order to strengthen security in university cooperation, make full use of the advanced university personnel and technical resources, the city launched a series of work, and in Paul University to carry out all-round, multi-angle cooperation and achieve to school, school-enterprise development and cooperation and win-win interaction.

Baoding High-tech Zone is committed to China Power Valley construction, distinctive characteristics of industrial advantages, innovation and resources to strengthen convergence, and gradually built a unique regional public innovation service system. Recently, Baoding High-tech Zone Government and co-organized the "China Power Valley National Laboratory Cooperative Development Seminar cum." State Key Laboratory session on the progress of each case were reported, and to expand cooperation in the future sufficient communication and discussion. Baoding High-tech Zone existing six national key laboratories, six state-level enterprise technical centers, 14 provincial-level technology center, 25 high-tech district-level enterprise technical centers; has a national testing center photovoltaic systems, wind energy testing center and 15 academicians attended the first domestic wind turbine blade research and development center, construction area of 140,000 square meters of University Science Park created a garden and more schools, joint innovation development model. A series of innovative resources effectively promoted Baoding High-tech Zone to develop gradually from the manufacturing center, technology, testing centers across upgrades. Liu Jing said: "Communication is a prelude to promote cooperation, seminars on cooperation in research meaningful step."

How to make the school's high-tech projects "roots"? The establishment of school-enterprise alliance Baoding, in this regard the exploration and practice. Liu Jing said that in order to further develop the resource advantages in security Universities, schools and enterprises to achieve mutual development and win-win cooperation, universities do business with the Federation of Baoding Baoding plan to establish a school-enterprise alliance, aimed at promoting security in universities and enterprises effective docking, economic and social development of Baoding provide intellectual support and technical services, but also increase the conversion rate of Scientific and Technological Achievements, and promote development of universities. Forms of activities between universities and companies to build a communication platform, change the past, relying solely on meeting mode, using flexible and diverse forms of interaction, matchmaking between businesses and universities, schools and enterprises in hand to achieve win-win cooperation goals. First Communion salon school-enterprise docking, corporate executives, industry leaders, university experts and research team on behalf of theme parties, corporate focus attention, hot industry, to discuss industry trends, business cases, face to face communication; senior experts, industry experts pointing portrait, the current policy environment, enterprise development bottleneck issues regularly conduct in-depth analysis and discussion, study the successes and failures in practice, with feelings of collision of thinking, brainstorming brings wisdom energy, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Second, school-enterprise visits, organizing entrepreneurial team or university research teams, universities or companies, respectively, in-depth study tour exchanges, enhance mutual understanding and seek opportunities for cooperation, and earnestly Baoding enterprises and universities closer together, to achieve seamless docking. Third, the project recommended school-enterprise organizations will meet regularly to promote growth-oriented enterprises, promotion of scientific research and university research team, will fall solidly school-enterprise cooperation projects. Four high-end forum, in-depth discussions of interest to business and social hot and difficult issues of concern for business decisions to provide intellectual support services. Fifth, professional training, training by experienced experts in different stages of development according to the enterprise, the enterprise needs to set training programs, and effective human resources to achieve business value, improve staff skills and problem solving skills, strengthen the management of the actual performance of the underlying integration and optimization of human resources, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Sixth, expert consultation, for growing businesses the problems encountered in the development process, organizational experts tank depth business line consultation, to provide reference to the proposed development. Seven is to develop journal, implementation of activities regularly, expert advice and expert guidance of the results of cooperation with enterprises show timely release.