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"Earth hour" hand to pull the small hand, a total of painted blue sky dream

Date: 2017-03-26

Night of March 25, 2017, electricity GuGuoJi hotel 9 years in a row to participate in by the world wildlife fund launched the "earth hour" activities.

This activity, the hotel joint campus service private entrepreneurs association committee, baoding radio and television university (baoding community education college), more than ten children agencies involved, the scene also invited to the baoding city low carbon city promotion office to attend, hope can be more organization and family to participate in, called on the public in the life and work practice green low carbon environmental protection concept.Activities in the evening, the hotel public areas of the dim lights, at the same time also encouraged hotel guests to close rooms all kinds of lighting equipment and outdoors in hand-painted T-shirt depicting the blue sky, benefit performance, lights and oath, actively involved in the activity;In addition, to advocate low carbon and healthy way of life, the hotel staff canteen and round-the-clock vegetarian meals.

(low carbon city of baoding city liu's new director of the office to attend and address)

(a little painter)

(a total of painted blue sky)

(children show)

"Electric GuGuoJi hotel will be green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction as the social responsibility of enterprises can not be ignored. The hotel every year to participate in the activities of the" earth hour "environmental protection, its central theme is no longer just about climate change, but the broader environmental protection consciousness and action. We hope this activity can cause the extensive concern of the people from all walks of life, let more people to enhance environmental protection consciousness, make an action to protect the environment change."Electric GuGuoJi hotel official said.