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The first sound of electric GuGuoJi hotel after the Spring Festival blessing

Date: 2017-02-04

February 3 in the morning, the first working day after the traditional Chinese New Year start, electric valley hotel shop level leadership, led by a director, managers at all levels of people waiting at the gate of the employees in and out of, serve the first sound of the holiday blessing for all employees.

When families are immersed in the joy of the Spring Festival atmosphere, our most lovely still dedicated electric valley who struggle in a line, for every one to the guests offer a relaxed and happy New Year atmosphere and high quality products and services.On the occasion of the Spring Festival holiday, the first return of working days after the electric GuGuoJi hotel yingli group of outstanding enterprise culture, shop management and each manager with full enthusiasm in succession at the back of each employee, thanks to hard work, all of our employees and to the first sound of the holiday blessing.

With every blessing and greeting sent on everyone's face is permeated with a happy smile, a New Year new start, electric valley also will be more full of enthusiasm into the new job and life, to meet belong to our happy 2017!