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Electric GuGuoJi hotel across the power of the fourth China international Windows (gaobeidian) section

Date: 2017-09-21

The fourth China international Windows gaobeidian expo opened on September 21st!The exposition by hebei province development and reform commission, jointly organized by science and technology department of hebei province and so on, in order to "make buildings more energy efficient, better life" as the theme, aims to show the world the development of energy saving and low energy consumption building doors and Windows industry industry new technology, new technology and new achievements, promote energy-saving building industry of our country toward standardization, the transformation and upgrading of low carbon and intelligent direction.
Electric GuGuoJi hotel catering service activities as the only designated cooperation unit, after the cooperation in 2015 again at the scene of the international section Windows and doors, with five star quality service and delicious food to every guest at home and abroad!

After a week of intense preparation, electricity valley continuous struggle, a person sleepless finally smooth the assistance of the organizers of the complete the hospitality services.100 front staff behind the scenes with sweat and hard work in return for the scene more than 2000 guests, as well as highly recognition and praise, by the leadership of the organizers of the baoding city government leaders and giving the hotel fully recognized in the first time, these are the biggest rewards for us, which is the most valuable harvest!
Although 21 night encountered some special weather thunderstorms, electricity valley people face the bad weather in a crisis, brothers of the group unit, with the help of the hotel assignment services personnel and hotel left-behind workers in smooth finish work at 2 am 56 minutes.

Activity ended, but also indicates the next start, electric valley people will always uphold the "service tenet, let guests fully satisfied" with love and sincerely look forward to meet with you every time!